XA 4Y.M.A PLUS Microbalance


Innovative solutions applied in LAB SYNERGY microbalances guarantee extraordinary precision of top-class measuring equipment.


XA 4Y.M.A PLUS Microbalance

XA 4Y.M.A PLUS microbalances feature modern design that enables high accuracy and fast measurements.

Ergonomics and Safety

New design guarantees stable positioning of the balance and protects against incorrect levelling. The innovative system for weighing chamber’s door opening and closing guarantees smooth and quiet door movement, and eliminates vibrations that may disturb the measurement. The solution enables to define how wide the door is to be opened.

Optional function of weighing pan light-up – located on the back side of the weighing chamber.



  1. Ground tilt test,
  2. Automatic balance levelling,
  3. Control of the correct balance level,
  4. Confirmation of correct balance level on adjustment and weighing reports.


Fully Removable Weighing Chamber

Fully removable weighing chamber enables easy and quick disassembly without the use of tools and facilitates maintenance and installation of both manual and automatic adapters for pipettes calibration.

Pressures Equalization

Smart system of pressures equalization guarantees stable measurement. It eliminates errors generated by rapid change of pressure inside the weighing chamber.


Integrated Antistatic Ionizer

The antistatic ionizer, with which XA 4Y.M.A PLUS microbalance is equipped, neutralizes electric charges inside the weighing chamber upon placing the sample in it. The ionizer neutralizes uncompensated electric charge accumulated on weighed object. The lower relative humidity and a reading unit of the balance, the more evident influence of static electricity. The influence of static electricity gives greater repeatability error, often also greater error of indication.

Measurement errors, due to the harmful effects of electrostatics, often reach the value of thousands of reading units and more. The problem concerns non-conductive samples, e.g. glass flasks, paper filters, plastics, etc.

Antistatic ionizer implemented in XA 4Y.M.A PLUS microbalances, due to the application of modern technology, compensates both cations and anions. The ionizer activates when the microbalance door opens, and deactivates when the door is closed. It is possible to control ionizer operation using weighing instrument panel. The operation is signalled by blue LED diode which emits light when the ionizer is on.


Dual Weighing

Adjustment of the balance range to currently weighed mass. Improvement of the minimum sample weight by 30%.

Innovative 2-point Adjustment System

Brand new adjustment system guarantees the highest measurement accuracy. It minimizes linearity errors simultaneously providing reliable indications for the whole weighing range.


WARNING Function

Information on possible error occurrence during weighing, signalled by balance sensors

Defined Profiles

It is a new function, it automatically sets weighing instrument’s parameters in accordance with user requirements.


FAST – the measurement result is obtained in a very short time

FAST DOSING – the balance quickly reacts to mass changes, especially useful for dosing or adding more product to the dispensed portion

PRECISION – balance settings providing the minimum standard deviation sd ≤ 1.5 μg,

OPERATOR – customization of the parameters in accordance with operator’s requirements.

Faster Measurement with The New CPU

4Y balances feature Dual Core 2 x 1 GHz processor which delivers noticeable performance improvements including faster operation and shorter stabilization time retaining high repeatability values.

16 GB RAM – More Data Management Possibilities

16 GB RAM offers possibility of recording data in a form of complex reports. Time and statistic data diagrams on series of weighments are another useful option.

The Best Possible Repeatability and USP Regulations Conformity

The best weighing accuracy and repeatability – with sd ≤ 1d combined with USP regulations conformity (Section 41 and 1251) make 4Y balances a new standard for mass measurement quality.

Wireless Communication

Wireless communication between balance terminal and a weighing unit make it possible to comfortably operate XA 4Y.M.A PLUS microbalances in laminar air flow cabinets and fume cupboards. The module offers wireless transfer of data recorded by XA 4Y.M.A PLUS microbalance to any portable device powered by iOS or Android systems using special applications intended for data management.


Data Safety

Every single XA 4Y.M.A PLUS microbalance features ALIBI memory designed to provide protection and automatic recording of your measurements. Options such as data preview, copying and archiving are also available to users.

Compliance with 21 CFR part 11

XA 4Y.M.A PLUS microbalances are compliant with 21 CFR part 11 and EU GMP part 4, annex 11. This means that the series features numerous functions for protecting and monitoring work results of particular operators.

Full data protection is ensured by:

– advanced password settings,

– verification of log-in operation correctness,

– assigning permissions to operators,

– auto log out,

– electronic signature, e.g. for series of measurements,

– granting/denying access to data management

– data backup,

– modifications saved to Audit Trail file.